Process / More models and set designs for the film / 

It’s starting to become a wholesome family. 

Process // Some of the miniature models for the upcoming film // 

The front of the tape recorder is 3d-printed, though the surface is a bit shaggy, but it gives the model a ‘lived’ feeling / the rest is mostly balsa and polymer clay treated with various finishes and paints. 

the images are not the best, but they give you an idea. 

Water Color of some nice pines I saw on a walk

Almost finished //

And again I said ‘god dammit’ to the previous house / it just wasn’t right / This House is based on an actual russian juvenile camp erected during the cold-war built by the juveniles themselves / something which suits the back-story of my character quite well / sorry for the very domestic qualities of the images, small space to work in at the moment / 

Built with balsawood, cardboard, watercolor, acrylics, beer-can metal sheets, sandpaper, and stuff I found on casual strolls and dumpster scavengings.  

aand, I just said ‘god dammit’ to the old character. I had no real connection nor genuine sympathy for the previous character. This, on the other hand I feel much more connected to. I’ve started living my life with this man, he wakes me up in the morning with way too strong coffee and a hardknuckled slap on my back. Created with watercolor, Ps, and care, plus bad and way too strong coffee 

A friend told me about this weird cave, so I had to visit the place. On my adventure i shot some pictures accompanied by led lights and tiny villagers. 

Main character in development, figuring out a facial replacement system

Main character in development, figuring out a facial replacement system


Part 2 

In the making, new self-Initiated film project

part 1

January 27 / 2013